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Due to the saturation of many currently known markets, the opportunities of internet-based global sales and communication possibilities and the technological revolution in the digital and electrical world, there is currently a very fertile breeding ground for start-ups and new product ideas. This applies to new corporate start-ups by "young blood" as well as "old hands" with deep market insight or by the targeted spin-offs of "avant-garde and innovation" departments of established businesses and market leaders.

One thing that most start-ups have in common is: A product idea and the vision to quickly and under cost pressure launch them successfully in the market. However, what frequently lacks are the interdisciplinary capacities and overarching development experience to turn these ideas into products that are ready for serial production.

In the past 60 years, BUSSE Design+Engineering has supported many start-ups and renowned businesses and has successfully developed innovative product ideas. In the Coaching & Mentoring workshop, we convey this very experience and the methods that are needed for successful product development.

From the business idea to the first sale
We support you and your team in your planning processes. We know from experience that business start-ups and spin-offs have enormous potential to market ground-breaking innovations. Nevertheless, we also know the pitfalls and shortages that can hinder the success of your company start-up. Not every new start-up leads to the establishment of a brand and has the power to endure: "Many newly founded businesses do not have the standing power in the long term: Every second new start-up is no longer observed after four to five years, either because they have been forced out of the market or because they are no longer relevant due to their low turnover." . This is why it is so important to successfully establish your idea and your product on the market and to reach your target group. We help you on your path to develop your product on the basis of your business model. In the preparatory foundation phase and later in the growth phase, we can define steps together with you to recognise the opportunities and risks in product development and to concretely implement solutions. Prior to entering the market, the identification of user groups and initial user tests can help you to move one step closer to a successful market introduction. We advise you in determining a price for your product solution by performing material- and production-related estimates and research for you. To do so, we make use of our broad partner network, which we have established particularly in the field of plastic and sheet metal processing. With our many years of expertise, we can offer recommendations for potential development paths at product level. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can think outside of the box for you, just ask us!

Designing brand experiencesBy designing the brand experience of your products you can establish your young brand, strengthen your services and differentiate yourself from the competition. We will help you design your brand experience based on the status quo of your technical development, the user experience in customer interactions as well as the audio-visual design of the corporate design of your company.
BUSSE Design+Engineering sees itself as part of your team: we are strategic partners, create analyses for you, closely scrutinise your products and, in collaboration with you, turn your ideas into marketable products.
We want to understand your business and we are confident that we can develop appealing solutions with your technical concept for your users. You have an idea, a business model, an initial draft sketch and want to create a prototype for the next active crowd funding?

Our coaching and mentorship offers for start-upsOn the one hand, we support you in order handling as a renowned development service provider and traditional design firm; on the other hand, we also provide advice to established businesses as well as start-ups on the basis of targeted knowledge transfer in product development.

For this, within the context of our BUSSE academy, in addition to training courses on the topic of industrial design, sketching techniques and innovation methodology, we also offer special coaching seminars for start-ups with new developments.
During the mentoring seminar in particular, you will obtain customised specialist knowledge that specifically addresses your needs and direct consulting services for the development process of your individual products and specific tasks. Content-related focal areas of the mentoring programme are:• Basics of hardware development
• Opportunities and risks with regard to requirement engineering and capacity planning
• Success criteria on the market & product targets
• "Go to market" models and your individual strategy
• Certification and property rights
• Your individual adaptation possibilities

The target group for the Coaching & Mentoring seminar is directed at persons responsible for development in start-up companies, innovation divisions, company founders, inventors and creative persons who are interested in launching products on the market autonomously.
The speakers are Felix Timm, managing director of BUSSE Design+Engineering as well as Bernd Heckenberger, development manager at BUSSE Design+Engineering.

Product development support for start-ups
We support start-ups and newly founded business in our seminars and in development cooperation with much commitment as well as sensitivity in issues pertaining to the confidentiality of your ideas. Based on its lived service mentality, the large team and the application of creative methods, the team of BUSSE Design+Engineering is not just highly experienced, but also extremely agile and can therefore optimally respond to new short-term knowledge, diverse influences and the spontaneous decisions that start-ups make. The team of BUSSE Design+Engineering actively contributes to the intellectual process, taking the individual phases of a start-up into careful consideration. A clear task definition and a common understanding are a prerequisite for success . After the analysis of the status quo and collection of requirements, we jointly define the direction that the journey is to take. We offer consulting for individual project phases, so that you can choose where and when you require support: in the development of a detailed design, the adjustment of the design and construction, the creation of a style guide, planning serial development, product support and market introduction in close collaboration.

Our task is to supplement your expertise with ours, so that product validations arise in the quickest possible way and you can drive your start-up forward. What is so special about the collaboration with BUSSE Design+Engineering is the personal advice for start-ups in terms of their products. With our experience we understand your product challenges. The solution of your problems and the maximum success of your product and business model are paramount to us. To this end, we provide a team of designers, model builders and developers to assist you. Take a leap and try it out!








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